Let the Artistry and technical expertise of Robert Randazzo ignite your imagination.

Robert, visionary of the illuminated neon tube industry, has been designing neon signs and custom art since 1973.

Robert Randazzo Installing SignBorn in Brooklyn, New York and now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Robert's creative cross roads began on the streets of New York's famous Times Square where he was building and maintaining the famous neon signs. Many of them still stand today.

His interest in all of the glass disciplines and art led to the study and creation of hand blown glass objects, some of which are displayed on this site's gallery. Robert has over 30 years of knowledge and experience designing public, corporate, and civil commissioned neon creations.




Albuquerque Visitors Guide with Roberts Neon on CoverAt left: The cover of Albuquerque Visitors Guide celebrating 75 years of Route 66.

Glowing bright since 1986, our very first sign in New Mexico resides in Santa Fe, our state capital.

Come visit us in our corner of the world in historic Nob Hill, along Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Robert working on sign



New Mexico True Feature

Absolutely Neon was recently featured in The New Mexico True tourism campaigns.


Slim Jim Full Commercial Showcasing Robert's Neon

Robert Randazzo's neon signs make an appearance in a classic Slim Jim commercial.


1989 Albuquerque Tram Car Lights Up in Neon

Robert Randazzo lights up the Albuquerque Tram with custom neon lighting.


Neon and Graffiti Art

Robert Randazzo of Absolutely Neon collaborates with local graffiti artists.


Route 66 Neon Highway (Animated Neon Signs)


1957 New York Times Square at Night (silent film)


Animated Neon Sign


Neon City


Downtown Las Vegas Neon Lights